UNDP trains the Office of the Ombudsman to deal with complaints

Employees of the Office of the Ombudsman took part in a two-day online seminar on the topic “Improving the complaints mechanism in accordance with the Paris Principles”, organized with the support of UNDP in Turkmenistan.

International Expert George Tugushi , who previously served as the Ombudsman of Georgia, presented recommendations for improving the complaints mechanism.

“During the seminar, the participants discussed in detail the methods of handling complaints in various areas, the expediency of developing procedural rules for receiving and considering complaints. During the discussions, need for regular trainings for the staff of the Office of the Ombudsman was expressed ,” the information message says.

“This seminar will provide significant support to the Office of the Ombudsman in the process of applying for accreditation to the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), as well as improve the complaint handling process that meets the needs and expectations of applicants to ensure their rights in Turkmenistan ,” said the head of the UNDP Program Department in Turkmenistan Rovshen Nurmukhamedov .

Recall that on April 28, the UNDP office in Turkmenistan organized introductory meeting to launch a five-stage event called “Capacity Assessment of the Office of the Ombudsman of Turkmenistan”, based on the results of which a Strategic Plan will be developed for the agency.

In addition, a special team of experts from UN agencies will visit Turkmenistan in October to hold meetings with representatives of government agencies, organizations and public associations in Ashgabat and the velayats.

These events will help the Ombudsman's Office to promote and protect human rights in Turkmenistan, as well as positively influence the process of considering the office's application for accreditation in the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions in 2023.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan