UNFPA purchased computers and servers for the population census for Turkmenistan

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) handed over the first batch of equipment for the population census (scheduled for December 17-27) to the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Statistics , the UN unit reported on July 14.

The purchase is carried out at the expense of the government of Turkmenistan.

Tablets (on which the census is to be carried out) will be supplied by a Turkmen manufacturer and equipped with appropriate software, which will allow the process to be digitized .

The supplied equipment, which includes 180 computers, servers and storage, will automatically transfer information from tablets to the central database of the State Committee on Statistics and "ensure the accuracy and quality of population census data," the news release says.

UNFPA assures that the information received from citizens and residents of Turkmenistan will not be disclosed, and the counter should not require people to provide identification when filling out a question .

“The information provided by citizens is securely stored and will be used by the State Statistics Committee for statistical purposes only. The received data on the tablets will be encrypted, and after processing will be presented in a generalized form to line ministries, leaders, scientific and business communities, and others,” the news says.

Recall that in April, a UN high-level expert mission, consisting of six advisers, visited Turkmenistan to assist the government of the country in preparing for the complete population and housing census in 2022.

Then the mission concluded that “the government of Turkmenistan is on the right track to conduct a population and housing census using modern approaches and advanced technologies, as well as to timely and complete publication of preliminary and final census results.”

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan