UNICEF teaches teachers of Turkmenistan how to tell schoolchildren about gender equality

Teachers in Turkmenistan are being taught how to teach children about gender equality. The trainings are being conducted by UNICEF expert Nyazik Akiyeva , Turkmenistan: The Golden Age reported on November 9.


The trainings take place during this week and are dedicated to creating a gender-responsive learning environment in the classroom.


“In the process of brainstorming, the understanding of school teachers of such basic terms as gender-oriented pedagogy, gender stereotypes, gender-neutral language was clarified,” the publication notes.


Teaching gender equality to teachers, students , employees of state bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs  and other departments of Turkmenistan began this spring. At the same time, the authorities of the country were concerned about the  external and moral appearance of women, who were then secretly forbidden to do some cosmetic procedures and sit in the front seat of a car. The press began to publish  articles that explained the rules of behavior for women in families.


Read more about the possible reasons for the increased interest on the part of the authorities in the behavior of women in the  article  “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” – “National traditions and modern norms. The world has not understood Berdymukhammedov’s concern for women.”




Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan