Unique exhibition of tapestries opens in Ashgabat

The anniversary solo exhibition of works by the famous painter and one of the founders of the Turkmen tapestry school, Kakamurad Baylyev, opened at the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan. The exhibition presents the golden collection of works by the painter who is regarded as one of the trendsetters in tapestry as a genre in the modern art life of Turkmenistan.

Marking the 70th birth anniversary of the painter, the exhibition has become a kind of memorial day for the artist. It brought together his close friends and colleagues with whom he worked in his early years. Kakamurad Baylyev's works can be classified as rare phenomena. It was him who gave birth to the new type of tapestry original and at the same time characteristic for Turkmen carpet weaving.

Having thoroughly studied the trends in the Western European countries, the Russian realistic school, the Baltic tapestries and, naturally, the traditions of folk art, he worked so easily and freely, using different compositional and color techniques, like no other master of Turkmen tapestry. Kakamurad Baylyev's works convey his understanding of the world, nature, life and temperament of the Turkmen people.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru