Universal artist: Atajan Bayramdurdyev about work in the puppet theater and filming a movie

Very soon, interesting historical film “Hüýrlukga Hemra”, based on dessan of the same name, will be released on the screens of Turkmen cinemas. While the editing of the footage is in full swing, we talked with the performer of one of the main roles – the artist of the Turkmen State Puppet Theater Atajan Bayramdurdyev. To date, the actor has starred in many films, tried himself as a director of short films, became the laureate of the President of Turkmenistan “Türkmeniň Altyn asyry” award, as well as the laureate of the V International Virtual Network Festival-Competition of theatrical creativity. But even after becoming a professional actor, Atajan Bayramdurdyev continues to learn the basics of his profession. Today he is a student of the Kazan State Institute of Culture and is preparing to receive a diploma with the awarded qualification “Theater and Film Director”.

He embarked on the path of a creative career in his youth, when amateur art concerts were held in the assembly halls of his rural school. Atajan himself staged scenes from school life, and soon he got the nickname “Actor”. Therefore, immediately after graduating from secondary school, the young man went to get a job in the theater.

“I don’t know why, but I chose the Puppet Theater,” says Atajan Bayramdurdyev. – When I first came here, apart from a great desire to serve art, I had nothing, not even a special education. Therefore, for some time I worked as a stage assistant, I watched how professional artists work. And it was then I decided for myself that I needed to study.

In 2006, a school-studio for aspiring actors was opened at the Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater. Atajan Bayramdurdyev was also enrolled among the first students of the studio. During the day, he mastered the skills of drama theater artists, and in the evening he studied the subtleties of working with puppets. At the end of his studies at the theater studio, the young actor was invited to star in a short video. On the set, Atajan’s game was noted by a prominent film director and invited him to his film. Since then, the artist’s track record includes roles in the best national historical films, including Magtymguly, Beýik ýüpek ýoly and others.

The actor carefully prepares for each of his roles, because playing historical characters is a big responsibility. For the filming of the film “Hüýrlukga Hemra” Atajan let go of a real beard in order to transform into the hero of the dessan. There are also action scenes in the movie. For the most truthful transmission of the image, the actor performs all the tricks on his own. In anticipation of the film’s first night, Atajan Bayramdurdyev invites theater lovers to visit the performances of the Turkmen State Puppet Theater. To date, performances for children and adults are shown here.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper