Unlike France, Azerbaijan takes its international obligations seriously – MFAPresident of Iraq pays tribute to Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani martyrs

The statement by the French MFA on the Order of the International Court of Justice of November 17, 2023 is irrelevant and unacceptable, Trend reports citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. "Disregard by France of rejection by the Court of the most of the unlawful requests by Armenia is another vivid example of double-standards and prejudice against Azerbaijan. It is unfortunate how this country while trying to present itself as a biggest advocate of justice and order might at the same time misinterpret and meddle into the Court's affairs on the matter that has nothing to do with France. France should focus on implementation of Orders that are related to her, including with regard to its notorious colonial policy and illegal acts, including related to nuclear tests. Unlike France, Azerbaijan takes its international obligations seriously," the ministry said. Source: TREND News Agency President of the Republic of Iraq Abdullatif Jamal Rashid has today visited the Alley of Honors to pay tribute to National Leader, architect and founder of the modern and independent Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev, and laid a wreath and flowers at the Great Leader`s tomb. He also put flowers at the grave of the Great Leader`s wife, prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva. The Iraqi President then visited the Alley of Martyrs to commemorate Azerbaijani heroes who gave their lives for the country's independence and territorial integrity, and laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame monument. President of the Republic of Iraq Abdullatif Jamal Rashid also enjoyed a panoramic view of Baku as he was informed about the history of the Alley of Martyrs and redevelopment works carried out in the city.