Unusual frosts came to Turkmenistan and the first snow fell

The first snow this winter fell in Turkmenistan. There is not much of it in Ashgabat yet, not enough to build a snowman and play snowballs. But winters are not rare in Turkmenistan when there is no snow at all. Forecasters promise abnormal frosts this week, and the snow continues to fall.

According to forecasts, a severe cooling is expected in almost all of Turkmenistan. In some regions of the country, the temperature will be 10-16 degrees below the climatic norm. The cold will remain until the middle of the second decade of January. In Ashgabat, the temperature will drop to -4 degrees during the day and -7 degrees at night.

In all regions of Turkmenistan, one can expect the minimum temperature in the regions to -15°C and lower, in some areas of the Dashoguz region (north of the country) frosts below -20°C are possible in some places at night.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru