Uzbekistan delegation attends the Second Diplomacy Forum in Antalya

On 10-13 March 2022, Uzbekistan delegation led by Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov took part in the Second Diplomacy Forum in Antalya at the invitation of the Government of Turkey, Uzbekistan MFA reports.

Addressing the panel session “Afghanistan: How to cope with new realities?”, the Minister informed the forum participants about Uzbekistan's efforts to establish long-term and sustainable peace in the neighboring country, provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, implement major infrastructure projects in the country to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

The need for the international community to take active measures for the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan and its involvement in regional integration processes was noted.

The event included a roundtable discussion on “Asia Anew: For a sustained regional growth”, in which Abdulaziz Kamilov spoke about the main directions and achieved results of Uzbekistan's foreign policy, the main priority of which is Central Asia.

Speaking about the political and diplomatic trends observed on an international and regional scale, the Minister noted that only diplomacy based on reasonable compromises can equally satisfy the interests of all parties.

It was emphasized that Uzbekistan is interested in establishing connectivity, both between the states of Central Asia and between Central and South Asia.

Source: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan