Vectors for enhanced TurkmenistanEgypt cooperation identified in Cairo

Cairo has hosted the second TurkmenistanEgypt Intergovernmental Commission for Economic and ScientificTechnical Cooperation.

Those attending the meeting from the Turkmen side noted that the development of close and mutually advantageous ties with the Arab Republic of Egypt in the context of boosting cooperation with Arab countries is an important aspect of Turkmenistan's foreignpolicy strategy.

In this connection, the TurkmenistanEgypt Intergovernmental Commission and its activities play a highly instrumental role as an effective mechanism for facilitating and strengthening mutually rewarding cooperation between the two countries.

In his turn, CoChair of the Commission from the Egyptian side and Minister of Investment and International Cooperation of the Republic of Egypt Dr. Sahar Nasr stressed that the current meeting indicates a longterm character of the TurkmenEgyptian relations and the two countries' mutual commitment to unlocking considerable potential for cooperation.

In the course of the meeting, the parties discussed the current status and prospects of multifaceted TurkmenEgyptian dialogue and identified areas of enhanced cooperation such as trade, energy, agroindustry, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, transport and communications, chemical and textile industries, and construction.

Along with the Intergovernmental Commission meeting, the first TurkmenistanEgypt Business Forum took place in Cairo. It served as a meeting ground for representatives of the two countries' business circles to discuss aspects of cooperation and prospects for establishing direct contacts.

Bilateral meetings were also held between representatives of ministries and agencies of Turkmenistan and Egypt to identify areas of diversified collaboration.

The TurkmenistanEgypt Intergovernmental meeting culminated in signing a relevant protocol and a number of agreements and memoranda aimed at broadening the economic ties between Turkmenistan and Egypt.

The two sides agreed to hold the third meeting of the TurkmenistanEgypt Intergovernmental Commission for Economic and ScientificTechnical Cooperation in Ashgabat in 2019.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper