Vendors from the unauthorized market in Ashgabat sent to Dashoguz drug abuse clinic

In the middle of last week the police officers detained vendors of the unauthorized market located in the 11th residential district of Ashgabat. According to the sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, about 30 police officers cordoned off the market, arrested everybody who was selling merchandise and transported them to the temporary detention facility.

It is reported that the detainees will be sent to the drug rehabilitation clinic in Dashoguz velayat and will be kept there until the Asian Games come to a close.

It should be noted that low income residents and retirees were selling their used belongings.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan has reported that the Ashgabat police are conducting raids to detain individuals with no fixed abode (the homeless) and those suffering from substance abuse as well as females engaged in prostitution who are also forcibly sent to the Dashoguz drug abuse clinic.

According to Radio Azatlyk, even the ill-dressed residents are also detained. Those who fail to present residence registration in Ashgabat, are imposed a fine and deported from the capital.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan