Verified tactics, ability to concentrate and will to win are the terms of success of masters of draughtboard Durdiyevs

The dynasty is well known not only in our country but far beyond the borders as well. This is a merit of its head � Hojadurdy Durdiyev, multiple champion of the country, Honoured Coach of Turkmenistan and the founder of own draughts school. His spouse Gulnabat is also Honoured Trainer of Turkmenistan.

Box of draughts is family treasure of Durdiyevs and passed from father to son as a baton. The children of Hojadurdy and Gulnabat Durdiyevs followed their parents.

Hojadurdy-Aga says that many people think draughts to be simple game, which is not true. The draughts is a serious sport. But this is only the infatuation for the draughts makes a real sportsmen from ordinary player. Depending on the number of cells on draghtboard, there are 64 - , 100 � and 144 � squares draughts. International competitions, according to the regulations are normally held in 100- squares English and American draughts. II World Intellectual Olympic Games, held once in four year, took place in French Lille in August 2012.

Bagtyar Durdiyev, one of the famous dynasty, International Grand Master recollects that mature players from all over the world took part in it. His brother Byashim and sister Amangul, who was trained by the Master of Sports of International Category Maksat Durdiyev, represented Turkmenistan.

Strong character, will to win, ability to concentrate, complex combinations worked out in details favoured the achievement of cherished target. The Final of the Olympics was successful. International Grand Master Amangul Durdiyeva won silver medal and become the Vice-champion. The fortune was good to Byashim Durdiyev. He won 4:0 in difficult match with absolute world champion Ron King from Barbados and had bronze medal and title of International Grand Master.

Almost all family members of Duridiyevs dynasty have high titles in sport � Mustafa, Bagtyar, Parahat, Amnagul, Byashim. The youngest of the children Maksat is fifth grade student of International Oil and Gas University.

National Draughts Championship, where experienced players from all regions and the capital took part, was held in Balkanabat in the April of the last year. Maksat, having gained 38 scores, was the winner of this prestigious competitions; his brother Byashim had the same results and Bagtyar took the bronze. International Grand Master, Women World Draught Champion Amangul Durdiyeva won the gold in women competitions. Amangul became the World Classic Draught Champion in September 2015 in Wales, won English � American Draught Championship in June of the last year and became Absolute World Champion.

Amangul shares her experience to those who are interested in this intellectual game, working as teaching methods specialist in velayat specialized draught school in Balkanabat.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper