Veteran of Turkmen Karakul sheep breeding Hamlet Gabrilyantz celebrates his 85th anniversary

The hero of the day, who was born in Ashgabat and worked in sheep breeding for 60 years, still full of energy and works in the Institute of Livestock Farming and Veterinary of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and is a mentor of young scientist. Joyful and energetic man often goes to remote sheepyards where he carries out the work for Karakul sheep breeding. Recently, senior scientist of the Institute of Livestock Farming and Veterinary have been doing his studies on the base of the State pedigree livestock association Saraja in Tahtabazar etrap, Mary Velayat helping to create pedigree reproductive flock of grey karakul sheep.

Hamlet Ervandovich receibed his education in two phases � the first one at zoological veterinary college and the second in agricultural institute (Turkmen Agricultural University now). He has started his working carrier a s senior livestock expert in one of the best karakul sheep breeding farms of those time, which was located in Mary Velayat and which personnel were delegated to Moscow for several time for participation in the exhibitions of National economy achievements. He has the awards for selection pedigree work, application of advanced selection methods, production of karakul and improvement of natural features of karakul sheep. The livestock of the farm increased from 54000 to 76000 sheep for those years.

Young perspective specialist got a job at the Institute of Livestock Farming and Veterinary of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan where he is working until now. He used to be scientific secretary, completed post-graduate course and the doctorate, worked as a Head of Karakul sheep-breeding department, carried out scientific and practical studies. He developed the scheme of application of microelements in sheep feeding what allowed increasing the productivity of the animals and yield. The specialists of the Institute have been conducting the selection work of black, grey and ash-grey karakul sheep in large pedigree farms, many of which are working until now. Livestock farm Tallymerjen in Dovletly etrap of Lebap Velayat, which grows ash-grey karakul sheep is one of them.

By the end of the last century, the team of the scientists has bred three new species of karakul sheep and registered the copyright certificate. These are Ravnin, Tejen and Saraja breeds.

Today, Karakul department continues the work for improvement of pedigree characteristics of karakul sheep. In 2013, the work on increase of the livestock of grey karakul sheep were resumed on the basis of the oldest livestock farm in the country, the Saraja. Increase of the livestock to 4000 sheep was the outcome of four years of work. The scientist plans to continue his work for improvement of the quality of grey karakul, which has different shades like pearl, blue and leaden.

Hamlet Ervandovich is a holder of the State Awards and has a title of Honoured Animal Expert of TSSR. He was awarded with the monetary prize for breeding of new types of karakul sheep in 1983, which he donated to the Peace Fund.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper