Violinist, Viola Player and Pianist Give Joint Concert

The Maya Kulieva Turkmen National Conservatory's Big Hall has played host to a classical music concert featuring works by European composers of the Baroque and Romantic eras. The program was presented by young teachers of the Conservatory, amazingly talented performers: pianist Bakhar Annadurdyeva, violinist Bakhram Dolyev, and viola player and leader of the String Orchestra Takhir Ataev.

The concert opened with Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin played by Bakhram Dolyev. The calm, light, perfectly balanced and harmonious music was followed by Bach's Sarabande, an intensely emotional and expressive piece. The third piece, The Gigue, is spirited and characterized by its heightened degree of expressiveness. Bakhram's moving and exquisite rendition won enthusiastic applause.

Then, Takhir Ataev and Bakhar Annadurdyeva performed Elegie for Viola and Piano by Henri Vieuxtemps. It was rather unusual to see Takhir onstage playing the viola. We are more used to him as a conductor with his baton in his hand. And he is both a brilliant and accomplished conductor and viola player.

The evening of music culminated in the premiere of a fantasy piece, Stories of the East, by renowned contemporary composer Mamed Guseynov. The piece was performed on the piano by Bakhar Annadurdyeva, who perfectly conveyed the exquisite beauty and elevated character of the music through her expressive playing, having touched responsive chords in the hearts of the listeners.

Performed by Bakhram and Bakhar, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Concert for violin with Orchestra (Op. No.35, part II and III) brought the concert to a close. Their rendition drew loud applause and shouts of Bravo from the audience.

After the concert, mentors, fellow musicians, friends and fans gathered in an auditorium at the Conservatory to offer their congratulations to the musicians and share their impressions.

- Takhir, we have got used to you as a conductor over the last year and it was unusual to see you playing the viola...

- The viola was an instrument I played when I just started out on my musical career, and first of all, I am a viola player.

It is great, you never forget about this! one of Takhir's colleagues commented.

- Why do you perform in a trio? There are so many talented young specialists at the Conservatory?

- We make a fine musical partnership thanks to our friendship and because we think in unison.

- Who came up with the idea of performing together?

- Bakhar did. It was she who arranged the concert program. I only added the piece by George Enescu, Takhir explained.

In a moment, the musicians were surrounded by their fans wanting selfies and autographs. The music enthusiasts also wished a Happy New Year and more success ahead in 2020 to their much-loved musicians.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper