Vladimir Gudilin: Turkmen track and field athletics has a great future

Honoured Coach of Ukraine, Master of Sports of International Class, famous hummer thrower in the past Vladimir Gudilin gives training to Turkmen track and field athletes to V Asian Games. For 45 years of coaching work he fostered the participants of world championships and the Olympic Games not only in his own country but also in India and Kuwait we he had to work. .

I accepted the offer to work in Turkmenistan with the interest, - V. Gudilin says. � what I have seen exceeded all my expectations � large preparation work to 2017 Asian Games and scale of changes are impressive. What is more important, Turkmen sportsmen aims for high results and try hard to achieve this. My main objective as a coach is to reveal their potential and make them confident in their own powers. The talent of the sportsman, the skills of coach and necessary conditions for full-fledged training and rest are thee components of the success.

Home Asian Games are a serious test for Turkmen track and field athletes and my task is to provide high psychological mood as the optimism and believe in own capabilities have to work for success!

All candidates for national team have training twice a day. Shot putters Tejen Hommadov and Maksat Mamedov have very good chances for winning. We hope for our representatives of women all-round events Irina Velihanova and Alyona Hudaybergenova.

Do you know why Turkmenistan is distinguished from other states of Asian region? � Vladimir Nikolayevich asks, - the sports in your country is always in forward dynamics. 2017 Asian Games will give strong impulse to high sport achievements, particularly in track and field athletics. New specialized track and field athletic schools and professional trainers will appear in the country.

Turkmenistan Championship, which will be selective for the Asian Games, is planned for the end of the April. On May 15 � 20, National team will participate in Islamic Games in Baku and Asian Championship is starting in India on June 1.

We will organize training camp in one of European countries during hot summer season and closer to the autumn we will start training at track and field grounds in the Olympic village. We work for success committedly and believe that Turkmen track and field athletics has a great future!

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper