Volumes of stocking of rice are defined

The plan for rice growing in 2017 was approved during the Government session on March 24. According to the Resolution of the Head of the State, it is planned to harvest 81 600 tons of rice form 18 300 hectares.

Taking into account soil and climate conditions of Turkmenistan, hydrophilic rice is grown in Dashoguz and Lebap Velayats. There will be 8 000 hectares of rice fields in the northern region and more than 10 000 hectares in Lebap.

The sowing campaign starts in the end of April in Dashoguz Velayat, while in Lebap it is planned to be commenced right after winter crops harvest � in June. Lebap rice growers gained considerable experience in receiving of two harvests from the same field sowing winter forage cultures and vegetables as intermediate ones. Generally, the rice is started to be harvested from October to the middle of November. Harvesting combines John Deere and Case are used for the campaign.

Harvest output of the culture in Turkmenistan is average 40-45 metric centners and above from one hectare. Following long experience of rice growing, the seeds of well-recommended spices in local soil and climate conditions like early and highly productive Nukus � 2 as well as Ak Merjen. Avangard, Flagman, Kuban � 3 will be sown. Four thousand tons of the seeds are stocked for the beginning of the campaign.

Scientifically proved crop rotation and adherence to agro technical requirements are the most important conditions for receiving planned volumes of high quality Turkmen rice of the best types.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper