Washington platform no longer exists for Azerbaijan in negotiations with Armenia

The Washington platform no longer exists for Azerbaijan in negotiations with Armenia, according to the information APA obtained. From now on, Official Baku has no intention to negotiate with Armenia at the initiative of the United States. As is known, the Brussels format exists, and Azerbaijan considers it acceptable to continue negotiations in this format. Additionally, Azerbaijan prefers direct negotiations with Armenia more. Note that before this, a number of meetings between Azerbaijan and Armenia were held in the U.S. at the initiative of Washington. However, the latest steps of the U.S. created rightful dissatisfaction in the Azerbaijani side. A few days ago, during the hearings on "The Future of Nagorno-Karabakh" at the United States House Foreign Affairs Committee, groundless claims were voiced against Azerbaijan. The remarks about Azerbaijan of the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James O'Brien, who participated in the hearings, were also met with a strong objection. Following this, U.S. Sena te adopted the Armenian Protection Act of 2023. According to the Act, the authority of the President of the United States to waive the Freedom Support Act Section 907 is repealed. In other words, the document provides for the prohibition of military assistance to Azerbaijan. It was after these steps of the United States that Official Baku refused the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is scheduled to be held in Washington on November 20. Azerbaijan also considers the issue related to the recent decision of the United States regarding the Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act to be important. Considering this to be more of a moral issue, Baku wants to the position of the United States regarding Section 907 to be clarified. Source: Azeri-Press News Agency