We submitted 5th updated peace treaty to Armenia, but they have not reacted in almost two months – Assistant to Azerbaijani President

'Armenia's unlawful regime in Garabagh is disarmed and out of Azerbaijan,' said Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan - Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev, APA reports citing EU Reporter. He emphasized this eliminates hurdles to an Armenia-Azerbaijan peace deal. 'We believe this is a historic opportunity to end antagonism and hostility between two countries and construct durable peace based on Azerbaijan's five principles for Armenia.' Hikmat Hajiyev, also reminded that the Garabagh conflict has been one of the OSCE's issues since its founding, although it has not been resolved: 'Because its aim was to maintain Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijan, the Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship Institute failed. We've ended the military occupation and oppression. Thus, Azerbaijan now prioritizes peace and normalizing relations with Armenia. But any peace engagement requires two sides, and Armenia should show positivity and goodwill. We submitted the fifth upd ated peace treaty to Armenia, but they have not reacted in almost two months.' Hikmat Hajiyev noted that new realities have evolved in the region. Source: Azeri-Press News Agency