Western Union offices in Mary reduce the maximum amount of money transfers

The problems related to money transfers via Western Union have exacerbated in Turkmenistan. In Mary velayat the maximum amounts, which is allowed to be transferred, has been reduced from $200 to $100, according to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

While presenting mandatory documents, including the recently issued certificates from overseas educational establishments (included in the list approved by the government), family income certificates, parents' employment and residence registration certificates, a certain amount of money at the official rate is allowed to be transferred. However, even if all the aforementioned documents are available, quite a large number of residents fail to make money transfers to their study abroad students.

The inhabitants of Serkhetabat, Yoleten, Tagtabazar and other etraps of Mary velayat come from Mary to join the queue by putting their names on the waiting list. The staff of the WU office promise to call them when their turn comes. After waiting for over a month, people have to go to Mary again but their attempts to make money transfers are futile. In the best case scenario they manage to send $100 within 2 to 3 months despite the fact that according to the conditions offered by local WU offices, the amounts ranging from $400 to $600 can be transferred within this time.

Even $200 a month can be transferred but an intermediary needs to be found and a bribe of 1200 manats needs to be paid, those who managed to transfer such amounts say.

Entrepreneurs from Mary also complain about the problems related to currency exchange.

Official currency exchange offices have been gone for a long time. Foreign currency can be purchased only from currency traders at the black market exchange rate, an entrepreneur who often travels overseas says. Visa processing fees are charged only in cash by the banks. For instance, a fee of $80 is charged for the Russian visa and 60 euros are charged for issuing a visa to Iran. Cash payments in local manats are accepted neither at the official nor at the black market rate. Nobody cares where you would get dollars or euros from. It turns out that the state run banks encourage customers to violate the law.

Let us recall that in early 2019 the maximum amount of money transfers for residents of Dashoguz was reduced to $100 for residents of Dashoguz.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan