Wild rue: Efficient medicine from illnesses

The President highlighted at the session of the Government on March 13 that throughout the centuries, our ancestors was forming up national methods of controlling of bad habits and prevention of different infectious diseases, which have proven their efficiency.

For example, the wild rue (yuzarlyk) is a plant, which used to an efficient medicine from many illnesses for hundreds of years and is successfully used in traditional and modern medicine.

The first volume of book of the Head of the State “Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan” describes methods of make and use of the wild rue potion. Our ancestors kept it in houses in bunches. Sometime people fumed their houses with this plant. Therefore, they make prevention of infectious diseases. It is proven that smell of the wild rue eliminates bacteria. It also scares off insects due to alkaloids contained in leaves and seeds of the plant.

Multivolume work of the President of Turkmenistan also has information on use of red chilli pepper, which was used for medical purposes in our country for many years.

It is mentioned in the book of the Head of the State that pepper is widely used for treatment of many diseases including flu and coughing and as a component for making of medicine. This plant is also used in scientific medicine.

This work of the Head of the State also speaks of benefit of traditional Turkmen dish – noodles with pepper and proven efficiency for prevention and treatment of cold.

Our wise ancestors have firmly introduced tradition of fuming with wild rue during important events like moving to new house, bringing of bride to home and other. It is scientifically proven that smoke of burnt yuzarlyk prevents number of infectious diseases, which periodically appear in certain time of the year and strengthen immune system of human.

Therefore, the emblem of health protection of Turkmenistan has image of this unique plant, which is widely applied in Turkmen traditional and scientific medicine for prevention of many diseases.

Old practice has confirmed that smoke of wild rue is effective against different invisible viruses, which enters human body. In this context, the President has focused on special important of national tradition of fuming with yuzarlyk in conditions of the current complicated situation in the modern world.

Having noted relevance of these activities on systematic basis, the Head of the State addressed Vice-premier P. Agamyradov and Minister of Health Protection and Medical Industry N. Amannepesov with number of specific assignments for organization of educational work among the population.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper