Will there be any benefit from foreign coaches?

Foreign experts and coaches have been invited to train Turkmen athletes for the Asian Games 2017. At the same time the fact that a lot of arrangements and organizational issues have not been resolved hinders full-fledged practice.

Taekwondo fighters are forced to hold their trainings at the old stadium located in the 5th residential districts of Ashgabat which is not suitable for this sport. Besides, the stadium is not equipped with locker rooms and shower rooms.

Members of the Turkmen national team from provinces are staying in the hotel Ashgabat where they get to the stadium by public transport using bus route ?57.

The coach, who was invited from Japan (we are trying to find out his name), highlights the poor performance of Turkmen fighters. They are unable to endure the loads set by the Japanese expert.

Athletes representing other sports are experiencing similar problems.

Overseas coaches are appealing to the local authorities to solve these issues but in vain. The managerial system is set up in such a way that even the most basic issues should be agreed upon on very high levels.

The overseas coaches who are ready to work with Turkmen coaches have been identified: the Ukrainian coach Vladmir Gudilin is training track and field athletes for the Asian Games, a coach from Russia Albert Kolybin is training bicycle racers and futsal players are being trained by a Japanese coach Kohei Nakamuro.

However, the inability of Turkmen officials to ensure conditions for sports practice can bring to naught the efforts undertaken by foreign and domestic coaches.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan