Windy weather is expected on Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 19, the weather in Baku and Absheron will be mostly without precipitation, in the morning and in the late afternoon there is a chance of fog in some places, a moderate south-westerly wind will sometimes intensify in the afternoon. The air temperature will be +8 +12°, +13 +18° in the afternoon, up to +20° in places, the National Hydrometeorology Service reports. No precipitation is expected in the regions, but there is a chance of rain in some mountainous areas. The east wind will increase at times in some areas. The air temperature at night will be +6 +11 °, during the day +16 +21 °, in places up to +23 + 25°. In the mountains, 0 +5° is expected at night, +7 +12° in the daytime, up to + 16° in some places.

Source: Turan News Agency