With the support of the state

A large fleet of specialized equipment will be involved in the 2022 rice harvest in the Dashoguz velayat. During the harvest, at least 120 high-performance John Deere and Claas combines will work on the fields. 160 vehicles will be engaged in transportation of grain. As before, this year the harvest was based on the most suitable for the weather and climatic conditions of the region elite varieties “Müňbaşy”, “Nöküs-2”, “Аlenga”, distinguished by their unpretentiousness and high yield. In the Dashoguz velayat, rice fields again occupied 8,100 hectares, from which farmers intend to collect 35,000 tons of pearl grain. Practically, the entire land area allocated for cultivation falls on two specialized farms of the S. Turkmenbashi etrap. Here, on 4750 hectares, rice is grown in the daikhan association “S.A. Nyýazow”, on 3350 hectares – in the daikhan association “27 Oktýabr”.


For the preservation of the grown crop and its processing into final products, in the same etrap, in the immediate vicinity of the rice wedge, a state-built modern high-tech enterprise for cleaning rice operates, which, by the way, also provides rice growers of the velayat with excellent seed material.


Consistent development of rice growing in the region is facilitated by comprehensive state support for agricultural producers, further strengthening of the material and technical base of the industry.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper