Without mentioning the pandemic, the President of Turkmenistan ordered to study its impact on the country’s economy

On April 8, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, at which he touched upon the work of the transport industry, the state information agency TDH reports. reports .

After the positive report of the Director General of the Agency for Transport and Communications Mammetkhan Chakiev , the head of state admitted that at present certain sectors of the transport system are experiencing great difficulties due to restrictions "imposed around the world due to well- known events " . Apparently, Serdar, like his father, avoids mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In this regard, the financial support of supervised agencies should be radically considered,” Serdar Berdimuhamedov added.

The President noted that with the termination of air traffic and the reduction in cargo flows , issues arise with the fulfillment of production tasks by the agencies and instructed the official, together with Deputy Prime Minister for Economic, Banking and International Financial Organizations Muhammetguly Mukhammedov "to discuss possible situations that may develop before the end of the year."

Berdymukhammedov Jr. also ordered the preparation of proposals for the payment of wages to workers, deferrals from paying taxes or repaying loans received, or taking other measures that would minimize the negative impact on these industries.

“Reforms should be carried out to improve public administration, as well as minimize unforeseen and administrative expenses, strictly controlling the execution of the State budget,” the president stressed.

After the report of the Minister of Finance and Economy, Muhammetgeldy Serdarov , the president instructed "taking into account the current situation in the system of world economic relations, to analyze in detail the expected results of the country's socio-economic development in the current year in a short time."

He also ordered to expand the lending program for small and medium-sized enterprises, analyze the program for creating new jobs, especially in the velayats , control construction financing and look for additional financial sources for the implementation of the adopted programs.

Serdar Berdimuhamedov also touched upon the impact of the coronavirus pandemic during the report of Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov . The President drew the official’s attention to the fact that “in the light of well-known events, the situation in the world remains difficult , and therefore it is necessary to constantly be aware of what is happening."

In this regard, the head of state instructed to prepare and submit proposals for holding various international events with the participation of Turkmenistan, especially those that will be organized in the country.

At the same meeting, the head of state expressed concern about the impact of the Aral Sea on people's health. Earlier, ex-president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that the coronavirus can be carried hundreds and thousands of kilometers by settling on Aral dust particles.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan