Woman crushed to death in a money transfer queue in Turkmenistan

On May 10 in a queue waiting to get a ticket to make a money transfer via Western Union a woman was crushed in Turkmenbank office in Dashoguz.

According to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, she sustained numerous bone fractures and fell into a coma. In the evening of the same date the 50 y.o. female died.

Queues are primarily made of young people who are hired by ticket dealers. It is dangerous for elderly people and women who might be get injured in the crowd.

Touts sell tickets for 100 manats. Some bank staff are reported to be selling tickets at 400-500 manats under the counter to make a money transfer of $100.

Let us recall that since the start of the year residents of Turkmenistan continue to experience serious problems due to the restrictions for foreign currency conversion and overseas money transfers.

Residents are literally besieging the bank offices which provide Western Union money transfer services.

In order to use the services, people have to stand in long queues for hours in order to get a ticket indicating the date a person can come to the bank and make a transfer. Chronicles of Turkmenistan has previously reported that queues often turn into a disorganized crowd where fights break out

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan