Working-level TF on Dealing with Next US Gov’t Trade Policies Launches

A working-level unit made up of government officials and private groups was launched on Monday tasked with actively dealing with trade policies of the incoming U.S. administration.

At the group's first meeting in Seoul, Second Vice Trade Minister Woo Tae-hee, who heads the task force, said there is a need to strengthen the government and private sector's joint response to preemptively tackle trade uncertainties that could emerge after the launch of the Donald Trump administration.

The task force will monitor difficulties that South Korean firms could face in the process of exporting goods to the U.S. and devise ways to resolve the hardships.

The task force also plans to expand outreach activities with the U.S. administration and Congress actively seize opportunities of bilateral cooperation in new industries.

At the meeting, the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy forecast that South Korea will possibly be affected when industries increasingly take trade protectionism measures and as controversy over China's currency mounts following the launch of the Trump administration.

Source: KBS World Radio