Works of Mary artists are bright and extraordinary event for art connoisseurs

It was indicated by huge interest of Ashgabat citizens to the works displayed at the Exhibition Centre of the capital. Rich, expressive palette, polyphony of the images, non-trivial outlook and positive perception of the world unite the works of painters from Murgab Valley. Meeting their new pictures admires and pleases as the breath of spring and mosaic of shining emotion please.

Work of Kossek Nurmuradov The Silk Road is the dominant of artistic collection. It is not the matter of thematic importance, which concordant to slogan of 2018 Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Road, the work surprises with the palette. Yellow, red and orange colours typical for the style of the author were replaced with deep blue and violet gamma highlighting philosophic implication of the plot. Image variety and brightly expressed storyline in combination with dynamic strokes filled with energy highlight the significance of the Silk Road phenomenon in the world history inviting us to think of it.

Picture of Annadurdy Muradaliyev The Walking makes think of how the artist manages to confer usual things with meaningful depth creating the moods of the work pulsing with the shade where red balloons are the metaphor of mental dialog.

Atmospheric picture Spring Rain by Gurbangeldy Gurbanov is distinguished with unusual palette � blue with beige and pink touches. The artist used from-top- to-bottom angle picturing people hiding under umbrella from sudden spring rain. The work is also interesting because Gurbangeldy divided it into two parts the first one shows the streams of the rain while another one � the pedestrians running to the shelter. The mood of the spring and sincere splashes of emotions capture the imagination of the spectators.

Series of seven pictures of Gurbangeldy Gurbanov made in decorative style is full of metaphoric picturesque stories. There are young aristocratic beauties and fine oriental jugs and numerous horsemen of Oguzkhan Army. Independently of the plot, all works are made in harmonic azurite palette, on which pale accents are scattered as precious pearls, each having the shade of mood and composition depth.

Annagozel Nuriyeva presented the work Mother. Old woman with tired weary legs dressed in worn overshoes is surprised and glad to see the guests. This work buys by its open nature as mother could be dressed in bright clothes and had her head covered with beautiful shawl. However, much probably it would be strange image but Annagozel knows her mother exactly like this � hardworking and beloved one.

Character of Dairymaid by Kossek Nurmuradov is a young cheerful woman who brings the milk to city residents. Her donkey is half white and half black as the allegory of the day cycle. The working day starts early in the morning and ends up late evening when she comes home with empty jugs. Tilted high-rise buildings imitate high peak of the urban rhythm that makes woman feel dizzy but continue smiling.

The theme of hardworking woman is widely opened in the series of wonderful artist Chary Hummetov. His charming heroes are small woman figures making carpets, baking bread, pick up cotton, pile up the haystacks. They work tireless shining with cheerfulness and optimism. This is how the artist sees Turkmen women � beautiful, friendly, hardworking and devoted. The works of Chary Hummetov are of small format with predomination of warm brown colour and skilfully built composition. They ae original and positive.

To Bazar is more likely to be distinguished among the works of Annageldy Meredguliyev. The artist portrayed young woman who wants to sell the goat at the bazar, however the goat has other plans and she fights against the owner. The picture could have been renamed to Who is more stubborn as both the goat and the mistress look like each other in this funny situation.

127 works of 9 extraordinary artists from Mary, whose art combines the history and modernity, give bright characteristics to the tendencies of development of Turkmen paint school where tradition and innovations co-exist harmonically.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper