Works of Nury Halmamedov, Danatar Ovezov and Sahy Jepbarov are played in Paris

The Embassy of our country to France together with Turkmen diaspora organized art session dedicated to musical culture of our country and held under the programme of the year Turkmenistan � Home of Prosperity in small hall of the Theatre Studio of Paris.

Representatives of Turkmen diaspora and residents of Paris took part in cultural and educational event. The programme of the session was composed of the works of bright representatives of Turkmen musical culture like Nury Halmamedov, Danatar Ovezov, Sahy Jepbarov and other.

Theme direction of the event was highlighted by improvised exhibition, which introduced the traditions and decorative and applied art of Turkmen nation to Paris residents. The exposition was made of handmade carpets and carpet articles, souvenir production, samples on national dress decorated with handmade embroidery, national musical instruments and jewellery.

The guests were able to get acquainted with gastronomic cultures of our nation, having tried the best dishes of Turkmen cuisine.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper