Works on modernization of gas processing unit are under completion in Nayip

More than 1.5 million tons of hydrocarbon condensate were delivered to Seydi Refinery by Lebap Liquefied Gas Production Department after commissioning of the first gas processing units in Nayip and Bagaja. High quality light petroleum products are made at Seydi Refinery from this strategic material.

The main volume of liquefied gas from Nayip and Bagaja goes to export after the commissioning of gas processing train. This is millions of tons. Automatic technological lines process natural gas produced at Nayip, Gazlydepe, Kerwen, Bagaja Ismail and other gas fields 24 hours a day.

Structural diversification and technical modernization based on scientific technologies is one of the main vectors of development of oil and gas complex of the country in the context of improvement of its export potential.

Following this strategic objectives, specialists of the sphere carry out complex of measures for technical modernization of gas processing unit in Nayip, which was built by Italian Technofrigo and put in operation in 1998. The main part of project works for renewal and improvement of production processes has been accomplished.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper