Wuhan (China) hosts the forum on perspective directions of Turkmen – Chinese cooperation

Administration centre of Hubei province of China hosted Turkmenistan � China: Cooperation on new Silk Road forum on the final day of the events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between two states.

Representatives of the province administration and city municipality, heads and lecturers of Wuhan Chinese Geology University, leading scientists of the scientific institutes from Chinese regions as well as students from Turkmenistan and other countries studying in Chinese Universities took part in the meeting. Besides, young scientists of International Humanitarian Studies and Development University and Turkmen State Finance Institute, mass media representatives were invited from the Turkmen side.

The speakers made mention that historical and friendly relations between Turkmen and Chinese people go far to the centuries, to the middle of II century BC, to the times when the first contacts between the Central Asian states and China on the Great Silk Road, which had tremendous influence of formation of political and economic system on the central Asian countries and their cultural interchange, were established. Large and small trade settlements, where there are such Turkmen cities as Kunyaurgench, Nissa, Dehistan and other among them, appeared along its various routes. Caravans with Chinese silk, spices and semi-precious stones, silver jewellery and many other goods used to pass by Turkmen oases crossing Amudarya and Murgab rivers.

Turkmenistan and China activates cooperation consolidating the efforts for establishment of economic corridor of the Silk Road what meets the main objectives of the strategies of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Chairman of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping. The ancient Silk Road revives in new format as modern transnational automobile, railway roads and gas mains. These communications are to provide the consolidation of foreign policy relations, expansion of transit traffic across the continent as well as cultural and tourist contacts.

The participants of the meeting stated that high level was achieved in bilateral relations for the past 25 years. Turkmenistan and China pursue independent and peace-loving foreign policy developing cooperation in all directions. The first visit of Chinese leader to Ashgabat in September 2013 as well as the visit of the Head of Turkmenistan to the PRC in May 2014 gave strong impulse to improvement of interstate dialog. Large package of documents, signed by the outcomes of the negotiations, consolidated the best trends of cooperation and defined new vectors.

Secretary of the party Committee of Wuhan Chinese Geology University Mrs Xe Xuan Saya, Head of Asian Affairs department of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Government of Wuhan Mrs Xin Wanchan and others mentioned in their speeches that both countries demonstrate full understanding in key directions of economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation. It was highlighted that Turkmenistan proposes constructive initiatives for development of broad international partnership, which meets general interests as well as undertakes necessary measures for their practical implementation, what is indicated by the current forum.

Transnational Turkmenistan � China gas pipeline that was put into operation in December 2009 is a visual example of the common approaches to revival of the Silk road. Realization of this large project of the century allowed making solid foundations for intensification of interstate relations.

The participants also mentioned in their reports large volume of the trade turnover which recently exceeded 10 billion dollars. For comparison, in 1992 this index was only 4.5 billion dollars. Opening of the Trade Representative Office under the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the People's Republic of China (Peking) and representative office of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in China in 2014 and 2015 accordingly enhanced the growth of cooperation in this sphere. The list of the goods imported form the PRC includes technology equipment, ferrous items, electrical equipment and machines, transport vehicles, railway locomotives, different instruments, aluminium and plastic items and others.

Chinese partners actively participate in large projects in oil and gas, textile, telecommunication, chemical, construction and transport spheres in Turkmenistan. There are more than 40 leading Chinese companies working in Turkmen market.

The participants also stated that Turkmenistan and China have large opportunities in humanitarian sphere. Speaking of the intent to consolidate and expand the spectrum of the partnership, the participants highlighted that contacts in education and science are an important component of Turkmen � Chinese cooperation. There around 2 000 Turkmen students studying in Chinese Universities today.

Official opening of the Chutian Centre of Study of Turkmenistan at Chinese Geology University was held during round table meeting. The Embassy of Turkmenistan in the PRC presented the books by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as well as other publications abut Turkmenistan to the Centre that is headed by one of the leading specialists on the history of our country Wan Xihai.

Delegation of our country also had meetings with the board of Wuhan municipality and Leaders of Chinese Geology University, during which the development of cooperation was discussed. Chinese representatives spoke for close contacts in trade, economic and humanitarian spheres on the regional level of two countries what would promote the improvement of Turkmen � Chinese cooperation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper