Xi Jinping pledges to allocate 50 million doses of vaccine and $500 million for development to Central Asian countries

On January 25, an online summit "Central Asia - China" was held, at which Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced five proposals to the leaders of the countries of the region, the country's Foreign Ministry reports .

First, China will work with Central Asian countries to enhance high-level exchanges and strategic communication. We strongly oppose interference in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of respecting human rights .

Secondly, China is ready to open its vast market to the countries of Central Asia. We will import more quality goods and agricultural products from the countries of the region and continue holding the China-Central Asia Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum. We will accelerate the implementation of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway project, and continue to develop transport corridors connecting China and Central Asia. We need to ensure the stable operation of our oil and gas pipelines, expand cooperation along the entire energy chain, and strengthen cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and big data.

Third, we must continue to fight terrorism and extremism, deepen cooperation in the field of border control, and strengthen the regional security network.

China will continue to supply vaccines and anti-pandemic products to Central Asian countries, as well as increase joint production and technology transfer for COVID-19 vaccines and drugs. In 2022, China will donate 50 million doses of the vaccine to the countries of Central Asia , and will also establish traditional medicine centers in countries with such a need.

Fourth, China will create platforms for Central Asian countries to promote their tourism resources and is ready to make all five countries in the region approved destinations for Chinese tourists .

In the next five years, China will provide 1,200 government scholarships to all five countries .

Fifth, within three years, the Chinese government will provide free assistance in the amount of $500 million to the countries of Central Asia for the implementation of socially significant projects . Also, 5,000 workshops will be held to help Central Asian countries train health professionals to reduce poverty, develop agriculture, communications, information technology, and enhance self-development.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan