Young climbers take part in festival “Mountain climbing for all” organized by Agama Club

Future conquerors of the mountain peaks improved their skills at vertical wall with special devices imitating steep slope. Many of the relatives of young sportsmen are the participants of numerous senior tournaments. They gave advices to young mountain climbers. Their elder friends, the fosters of the club who successfully come over complicated routes with negative wall inclination shared their experience with the debutants.

The climbing is getting younger as many other sports. Today, the highlanders of 14 � 15 years old take part in international competitions. The festivals organized by Agama Club are aimed at wide public of the supporters of active leisure. Many of them trains at the climbing walls not for sport achievements butt simply get the charge of vivacity and positivity from the ability to come over the obstacles.

The climbing can be made on natural relief, on the rocks but it is also possible without leaving the city at the climbing walls, which are represented by big plastic or wooden panels with special clings attached to the wall. Many of the participants decided to continue training on artificial walls during summer holidays.

Children climbing contest is put by the organizers as separate competition. It forms new generation of climbers � future master who probably will have to stand for the prestige of Turkmenistan at international competitions. Children smiles shining from the first victories are the best awards for the organizers and sponsors of the festival � Agama Club and Children Fund under the Central Council of Turkmenistan Youth Organization.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper