Young scientists develop automatic system for care of hothouse crops

Innovative technologies for Botanical Garden are the result of new perspective development of the Council of Young Scientist of the Institute of Transport and Communication. Fourth grade students Shirmuhammed Vepayev and Merdan Movlamov and students of the second grade Begench Annayev and Rovshan Rejepov under the mentorship of the scientists of the Institute of Biology and Medicinal Plants developed automated system of life support of hothouses.

The innovation was tested and now successfully provides set level of humidity of soil and air, temperature and lighting intensity in experimental hothouse.

Irrigation system is controlled by special sensor that monitors the humidity of earth. If the readings does not match the standards, irrigation system is started automatically. Water tank has a sensor, which activates when the water level goes low giving the command to refill it.

Cooling and ventilation systems, which keep constant temperature mode of 16 C, thus supporting the economy of energy used for heating during cold season, are designed for different seasons.

The hothouse is equipped with temperature and humidity meters. If the humidity is not as per the standard, the humidifier switches on automatically. In case of excessive humidity, the windows are opened automatically.

In summer season, special tent reducing the intensity of lighting and protecting the plants from overheating is automatically activated to avoid hot temperature and excessive light. When there is not enough light, the system of artificial light is turned on in automatic mode.

Automated hothouse care system is supported by user interface. Optimum parameters for care of certain plants can be set using electronic gadgets.

Successful test of experimental system will allow patenting this invention. The authors noted that today, innovative technologies lay in the basis of efficient development of all branches of economy, in particular in agrarian sector. The growth of agricultural crops production directly depends on implementation of technological novelties and scientifically based methods of management including in segment of hothouse farms rapidly growing owing to targeted stimulation of small and medium business.

Modernization of the agricultural complex is key trend of modern development of the country. In this context, perspective cooperation of the centre of Young Scientist with branch structure of the Academy of Sciences acquires special importance. Efficient partnership of young innovators from the State Institute of Transport and Communication and leading specialists of the Institute of Biology and medicinal Plants of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is a successful example.

Source; Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper