Young Turkmen free and judo wrestlers of “Olymp” sport school win international prizes in Turkey and Uzbekistan

Istanbul, Turkey held 13th international junior free style wrestling competitions, which gathered 70 sportsmen from 6 countries of the world.

By the outcomes of the tournament, young Turkmen wrestler, students of Olymp sport school B. Pashiyev (weight category up to 46 kg), M. Muhammedov (58 kg) and Z. Saparov (100kg) won gold medals. H. Ibrahimov (63 kg), A. Kulayev (69 kg) from Ashgabat and representative of Lebap Velayat D. Meymankuliyev (69 kg) were awarded with silver medals. G. CHariyev (54 kg) and D. Jumalakov (54 kg), aslo the students of the Olymp school, won the bronze.


Asian Judo Juniors Cup that brought together 300 wrestlers from 10 countries has been finished in Chirchik, Uzbekistan. A. Byashimov, the student of the Olymp sport school won silver medal in weight category up to 81 kg while Y. Ismailov (50 kg) was a bronze prize winner.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper