Young Turkmen painters are the prize winners of International Children Painting Contest

The Museum of Visual Arts under support of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan hosted celebration in honour of prize winners of international children painting contest.

Young artists from Ashgabat became the inners of special diplomas and prizes of biannual festival Joys of Tashkent. Merjen Berdiyeva, the fourth grade pupil of Byashim Nurali Childen Art School won silver medal. Avray Annanepesov, the fourth grade pupil of Children Art School No. 2 became bronze medallist.

International biannual festival, organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education as well as by Public Youth Movement of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in five themes � the World of Childhood, My Motherland, the World I Live in, My Dream and Uzbekistan that I Know. The contest, which participants are young artists of 5 � 15 years old, is held for support of child creativity, expansion of knowledge on visual arts and world as well as for establishment of the relations with peers from abroad.

Search of new talents, establishment of favourable conditions for development of their aptitudes and personal growth, expansion of intellectual knowledge of local and world history and culture are among the priority objectives of the forum.

Merjen symbolically combined happy childhood and succession of traditions in national music art in her work, having highlighted sense message by bright palette of spring changes, which enhances compositional dynamics of the plot and reflects positive author's vision of surrounding world.

This was the first important victory of international scale for young Turkmen painters. The mentors of the kids mentioned that the prize fund of the contest included twenty-one medals, for which tens of young painters from all over the world competed. This makes the victory of Turkmen schoolchildren, who won two high prizes for their talent of artistic perception of the world and first but confident steps in the art, more precious.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper