The construction of new wells is being completed at the Galkynyş gas field

Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Shakhym Abdrakhmanov, during a government meeting last Friday, reported on the measures taken to complete the construction of wells at the Galkynyş gas field and produce additional volumes of natural gas.

As noted, in August last year, the construction of new wells was launched at the Galkynysh field, which differs from traditional gas wells in particular complexity.

Currently, the necessary measures are being taken to complete the planned work ahead of schedule and put the wells into operation.  This will create opportunities for the production of additional volumes of gas from new wells of the unique Galkynysh field.

The commissioning of these gas wells in the very near future will increase natural gas production per year and bring new facilities for the development of the Galkynyş gas field to their design capacity.

After listening to the report, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized the significant role of the fuel and energy complex in the structure of the economy of Turkmenistan, noting that the key aspect of the fundamental changes being implemented in this area is the effective use of the potential of the oil and gas industry.

Focusing on the importance of a systematic increase in natural gas production, the head of state addressed the Vice-Chairman with a number of specific instructions.

At present, 45 wells are operating at this super-giant field with reserves of about 27.4 trillion cubic meters of gas.  On average, the daily flow rate of each well is up to two million cubic meters of gas.

In August 2021, a project was launched at the Galkynysh field to build three more new gas wells of particular complexity.  The project is being carried out by the Chinese company CNPC under a contract with the State Concern «Turkmengas».



Source: Nebit-Gaz