Theatre of Mary velayat is preparing to release new play

Having completed their tour in Ashgabat, the artists of Kemine State Drama Theater of Mary Velayat prepared a new performance for children and adults called “Hyýalymdaky Şazada” (“The Prince of My Dreams”). Theater actress Yazdursun Rahmanova took up the staging in the style of a musical fairy tale. This is her second work as a director. The plot is based on Ovezmammet Galandarov’s play “Jadyly Bägül” (“Magic Flower”).




The performance tells about the fate of an orphan girl named Bagul, who is raised by her stepmother. One day she goes to the forest for water. Having unsuccessfully scooped up water from the well, Bagul drops the jug into a deep precipice. Frightened that her stepmother would scold her for such an offense, the girl begins to cry. Then magical fairies come to her aid. The life of Bagul changes overnight. The good fairies not only take the jug out of the well, but also arrange a meeting for her with the handsome prince. Further events continue and the plot twists more and more interesting. Fabulous scenery enhances dipping in a magical story. Especially for the performance, set designer Merdan Charyev developed transforming details, so that the house in which Bagul lives instantly turns into a wonderful forest, where she meets fairies. Focusing on the mobility of stage scenery, the creative team plans to visit kindergartens and schools in the velayat with a new production.




“Actors need to tour,” says Ata Gullarov, chief director of the Mary State Drama Theater named after Kemine.



– Creative business trips are very useful for professional growth. We brought many positive impressions from the trip to the festival “Turkmen theatrical art”, which was held in Ashgabat. Then, on the stage of the Magtymguly Music and Drama Theater, we presented the play “Türkmen sahysy”. Recently we have shared our experience of working on the staging of “Mülk”. Now there are many creative plans. In the near future, we plan to put on a performance based on the new book of the Hero-Arkadag.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper