Turkmen farmers discussed selection of horticultural crops

At the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S. A. Niyazov, Turkmen private farmers exchanged experience in growing dwarf fruit trees.


Specialists, in particular, noted that low-growing fruit trees are very popular in the world due to a number of advantages, including ease of care, aesthetic appearance, and high yields. In addition, it was emphasized that fruits grown in the climatic conditions of sunny Turkmenistan are much tastier than European counterparts.


Farmers paid special attention to the issues of adaptation to the Turkmen natural and climatic features of varieties of dwarf apple trees, pears, peach, cherry and almond trees brought from Turkey. The experts, in particular, noted that the weather conditions of Turkmenistan are favorable for growing dwarf fruit trees, and over time, such gardens can become much more widespread in the country.




Source: Turkmenistan.ru