Angiography system installed at National Hospital in Bishkek

A modern angiography system for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases has been installed at the National Hospital in Bishkek. Press center of the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan reported.

«The system includes a movable C-arm that provides quick positioning and quick access to the patient, an angiography table, a generator and emitter, a detector, a digital multitasking system for collecting, processing and storing data, monitors and control modules in the X-ray operating room and control room and other optional equipment,» the ministry said.

The Ministry of Health added that the equipment will allow doctors to quickly and accurately conduct a study / diagnosis of blood vessels, obtain their detailed image and determine the presence of various diseases and circulatory disorders. The angiography system can also be used for operations as a tool for visualization and navigation of the surgeon inside the patient’s body.

Talaibek Baisekeyev, head of the Vascular Surgery Department of the hospital, noted that earlier patients had to be taken to private clinics for the diagnosis of vascular diseases.

The process of testing and final equipping, coordination of prices for services with the Antimonopoly Committee is underway. It is expected that the system will start working in the near future.

It was purchased as part of the World Bank project «Emergency Response to COVID-19».

Source: News Agency