Another wave of heat up to 46 degrees is expected in Turkmenistan

At the end of June - beginning of July, record-breaking heat hit Turkmenistan in some places. In some regions, the temperature rose to almost 49 degrees.

This was followed by a decrease in temperature to 35-37 degrees. However, according to the Meteorological Journal , another heat wave is expected in the coming days, which this time will be longer than the previous one.

“Heat above 40 degrees will intensify and cover all large areas. Its epicenter is gradually shifting from the west to the east of Turkmenistan. At the very end of this week - at the beginning of the next one, 40-45 degrees, in some places up to 46 degrees of heat, are expected in most of the country, ” the meteorological publication writes .

On July 14, in Ashgabat, the air temperature rose to 40.6 degrees, in Turkmenbashi - up to 41.6, in Bereket (formerly Gazandzhik) - up to 42.5, in Balkanabat (formerly Nebit-Dag) - up to 42.3.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan