Kyrgyzstan takes 2nd place in ranking of friendly to Russia countries

Kyrgyzstan takes the second place in the ranking of countries friendly to Russia. Belarus takes the first place. Deputy Director for Research Work at the National Research Institute for Development of Communications Valentina Komleva said at a round table discussion in Bishkek.

The analysis covered 2022 and included speeches by officials, publications in the media, social media, public events, and much more.

«The highest scores were received in the groups of communications in education. As part of the Russian Teacher Abroad project, it is planned to send 150 Russian specialists to work in schools in Kyrgyzstan in 2023. The Russian Federation is helping the republic to build educational institutions with Russian as language of instruction in nine settlements. High scores were also received in the group of economic communications. The Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund has been established and is functioning, which, as of September 2022, has approved more than 3,200 projects. The risks for this communication group are related to the possible consequences of the sanctions policy of Western countries against Russia,» said Valentina Komleva.

The analysis also showed presence of tense moments in foreign policy communication. They are also related to the escalation of the conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. The authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic were not satisfied with the position of the Russian Federation on the conflict and the non-recognition of the fact of aggression on the part of Tajikistan. According to experts, this influenced cancellation of the CSTO exercises Indestructible Brotherhood 2022 in Kyrgyzstan.

The Deputy Director of the Institute also noted that Russia is enshrined as a strategic partner in the National Development Strategy of Kyrgyzstan for 2018-2040. The Kyrgyz Republic abstains from voting of the UN General Assembly on the issues of referendums in Donbass, payment of reparations to Ukraine and other issues. The republic adheres to a neutral position in relation to the special military operation.

Source: News Agency