New Year’s performances are held at “Vatan” Cinema and Concert Center

For schoolchildren and preschool children, winter holidays are the most wonderful time when boys and girls can attend fun New Year's performances and matinees organized in theaters and cultural centers of Turkmenistan.

One of the creative gifts for the children was a variety and circus show prepared by students of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, as well as the favorite of the children's audience, Ashir Dade.

Festive atmosphere reigns in Vatan Cinema and Concert Center these days. Not only on the stage, but also in the auditorium, you can meet a little Santa Claus, a mini-Snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters.

For the children's performance, the children choose the most elegant carnival costumes for themselves. Ashir Dade also notes this, hurrying to congratulate everyone on the New Year.

But there is always someone missing at the festival. “Whom? ' asks Ashir Dade. Of course, Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk. Children unanimously call the main heroes of the occasion. A moment later, Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk appear on the stage. A fun concert begins.

Ashir Dade entertains children with jokes and riddles. Even adults, unable to resist, answer the artist's funny questions. For each correct answer, children receive sweet gifts. The program continues with performances of vocalists with New Year's songs, as well as circus numbers.

Dexterous juggler Amangeldi Meredov shows his skill - juggling with different objects. Rhythmically, multi-colored balls and rings take off into the air. And when the artist calls his partner to the stage, a group throwing of maces begins. The children are indescribably delighted. Everyone wants to try himself as a circus performer.

Then the juggler, having changed his props for rotating plates, invites the brave ones to the stage. Satisfied boys and girls try to hold the untwisted plates on thin sticks, and they succeed very well.

After the performance, no one is in a hurry to disperse. Children and their parents want to be photographed with a cheerful clown, shake hands with Ashir Dade and dance around the New Year tree.

Variety and circus performances in the Vatan Cinema and Concert Center are held daily at 15:00 until January 10 inclusive.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper