The Population and Housing Census took a start in Turkmenistan

On December 17, in accordance with the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, all over the country the complete population and housing census got a start under the motto: «Census 2022 - Unity, Happiness, Bright Future!”.

Its main task is to get exact data of demographic situation and socio-economic state of the population of the country. These indices have a great importance for development of the state policy, planning and management. Information on the number of population, distribution and characteristics of population will enable to lay a firm foundation for further progress and prosperity of the state and improvement of wellbeing of people.

Peculiarity of the present action is use of digital technologies. During its conduction, modern equipment and software will be used for collection, processing and distribution of data.

In this connection, Turkmenistan fruitfully cooperates with the UN and its specified agencies, including UN Population Fund, UN Statistics Division and other profile structures.

It should be noted that the expert mission of the UN, which visited Ashgabat in April of the current year, gave a high appreciation of preparation of Turkmenistan for the Census 2022 underlining adherence of our country to organizing of the campaign in full accordance with international standards.

United Nations recommends holding such actions at least once every ten years. It is necessary to have data of changes taking place in the structure of society.

Specially taught census takers by survey and filling electronic census papers carry out the campaign, which started today. Thus, the digital format will enable to get more exact data and facilitate timely and full publication of its preliminary and final results.

Census taker can be identified by attributes: special ID, vest and bag of green colour with the emblem of population census.

Participation of citizens in census is based on the principle of voluntariness but at the same time, every resident should clearly realize its social significance and demonstrate their civic responsibility.

Interaction of population and census takers is based on mutual trust in view of providing full and reliable data necessary to make national decisions, to develop long-term projects and programs for all sectors of economy and social sphere in the Era of Revival of the Epoch of Powerful State.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper