Turkmen national weightlifting team performed unsuccessfully at the World Championships in Tashkent

The Turkmen weightlifting team was unable to win a single "big" (in terms of the sum of the results in snatch and clean and jerk) medals at the World Championship, which was held from December 7 to 17 in Uzbekistan.

Two "small" bronze medals (only snatch or clean and jerk is taken into account) were won by Yulduz Dzhumbayeva in the up to 49 kg category, lifting 76 kg in the snatch, and Seitzhan Mirzaev in the 61 kg category, lifting 128 kg in the snatch.

According to Gundogar , the team leaders are: the 2018 world champion Yulduz Dzhumabayeva (up to 49 kg), the silver medalist of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Polina Guryeva (up to 59 kg), Seitjan Mirzaev (up to 61 kg) and Khojamuhammed Toychiev (over 102 kg) ) finished the competition "with zero", being left without a final place.

According to the publication, the bronze medalist of the 2021 Asian Championship Rejepbay Rejepov (up to 81 kg) and the silver medalist of the 2017 World Championship and the 2018 Asian Games Kristina Shermetova (up to 55 kg) were not included in the team, and Rejepov arrived in Tashkent, however the platform did not come out for unknown reasons.

Two weeks before the start of the competition, Turkmen news reported that the head coach of the Turkmen national team, Arthur Emiryan , who had led the weightlifter from Turkmenistan Polina Guryeva to the country's first Olympic medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, was suspended for unclear reasons .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan