Liquidation of companies specializing in import and wholesale of cigarettes announced

The voluntary liquidation was announced by three companies-key players in the segment of import and wholesale sales in the cigarette market in Azerbaijan before the appearance of the local monopolist manufacturer ("Tabaterra" CJSC) in 2017.

Note that "Krokus Ltd" LLC (1300307731), "Imeks" LLC (TIN: 1300320331) and "AMD Trade" LLC(TIN: 1400841151) were established in 2003-2006. They are related legal entities.

At that, the volume of the cigarette market in Azerbaijan is estimated at about 13 billion pieces.

In 2022, the demand for cigarettes was met by 95% due to local production. At the same time, the export of cigarettes (633 million pieces) was three times higher than the import (213 million pieces). Major cigarette manufacturers are "Tabaterra" CJSC and "European Tobacco" OJSC-Baku.

Source: Turan News Agency